I’m super excited about this year! So many exciting things in the mix and one of them is my new themed Bootybarre Class. Yes ladies, I’m rolling back to years and launching a new 80’s themed Bootybarre class!

So, what better way to celebrate the decade of big hair and big clothes with a throwback – 5 bad fads from the 80’s that we secretly want to return.

Get ready – you’re going to see some treats here…


80s fitness fad

Shoulder Pads

Fashion reached a huge milestone in the 80’s. We witnessed so many new trends breakthrough – and one of the big trends was the shoulder pads. Donned beautifully be the queen, Joan Collins in Dynasty, the shoulder pads became huge (quite literally!).

We saw a huge rise in the shoulder pads due to women finally breaking into the workplace and telling the world that we can do any job we like. They made us look serious, intelligent and powerful – just how we like it. Here’s to the 80’s ladies making moves!  


Hair Crimping

We either loved it or we hated it, but let’s face it – Crimping our hair was huge in the 80’s.

You were certain to see this look in every school disco during the 80s, usually paired with very large hoop earrings and some sexy leg warmers.

Team up the hair crimp with some coloured hair spray and you were turning heads like you wouldn’t believe!


Jane Fonda

The queen of Aerobic fitness, Jane Fonda changed the world with her fitness videos in the 80s – so much so, that the methods from then are still used today.

With her long hair, beautiful smile and loud leggings, Fonda made every woman want to get fit and tone up, like her. She changed the world of fitness so much that we sometimes forget that she was actually a brilliant actress, too.  

To date, her original videos have sold over 17 million copies. Go Jane!  


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Cabbage Patch Dolls

Oh wow, just hearing the term “Cabbage Patch” makes me feel giddy inside. It was basically the “must have It seems like every Christmas season has its “must-have” toy. In 1983, it was Cabbage Patch Kids.

Ok, they may have been invented in the 70s, but the somewhat weirdly looking dolls only hit the big-time during the 80s. In fact, demand was so high during 1983 that parents actually became violent in effort to grab one for their child.

3 million of those bad boys were sold during 1983. Still got yours somewhere?


Loud Fitness Clothing

As mentioned above, female exercise really took off in the 80s with the aerobics craze. If you were jumping on the craze, then you just had to get a loud workout outfit to match. If it wasn’t neon, it simply wasn’t good enough.

Add some spandex and leg warmers and you were ready to shake your stuff!


Get involved in my 80s themed class!

I’ll be running my 80s themed Bootybarre class on 26th February at 25 Northcote Road (SW11 2AF) 8pm. Places for this class will go fast – hence why I’m telling you about it early – so, secure your spot and let’s bring back the 80s and release our inner Jane Fonda! Click here to book!

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