What's the news on Wandsworth Common?
What's the news on Wandsworth Common?
New ownership at the Common Ground Cafe

Get your gift for Christmas! 50% OFF

Have you ever considered how you were given such a gift as motherhood?!

A beautiful life that entered this world. And it all was made and sealed in this one gift box!
Well actually your pelvis. This cavity supports your organs and the lower part of the trunk of your
body. It is the bridge to all the large muscles of the lower body to connect so that we can run, sit,
walk or even kneel down.

Think of this structure as a box and it holds a very special gift ( not just for Christmas!) for life.
I was only thinking on my way back from Buggyfit about when I was going to start my Christmas
shopping and thought how the body is our gift. Our pelvis is the box and the supporting core and
pelvic floor.

The muscles supporting the structure of the pelvis in place is the wrapping paper and the beautiful
bow on the top? Our beautiful underwear!!

Your pelvis needs to remain in a neutral straight position to maximise your pelvic floor performance
as well as lower back multi fidus muscles and the lower transverse abdominals. All these wonderful
gift wrapped muscles can be compromised if they are sat for long durations eg at a desk or in a car,
when tired and lacking energy, or carrying extra weight eg pregnancy. The strength the paper will
not hold and the ribbon will slacken leaving you with an unhappy body trying to compensate ,and
possibly a leaving you with weakened pelvic floor, poochy tummy or weak back.

Although it may take time for the body to recover, it is not right to accept all the unnecessary
pains as normal.  Chiropractors are there to help your body make the recovery process
faster and help the pelvis and spine move better.

Chiropractors can help restore the pelvic balance with spinal and pelvic joint manipulation,
postural changes, strengthening exercises and stretches.  Take time for you and give your
body the attention that it needs for happy and healthy motherhood.

Try firing up your abs on this Video


Bird Dog:
From hands and knees, activate your core muscles by drawing your belly button towards
your spine.  Then raise one arm and the opposite leg. You don’t have to lift very far, even
just off the ground is a good start.  Repeat 10 times on each side. Have baby lie on their
back looking at you. Add a rattle or toy to your hand and really make your baby giggle while
toning at the same time.


eliza fitness

Pelvic Bridge
Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground.  Engage the core muscles by
drawing your belly button towards your spine.  Slowly push your hips up towards the ceiling
until your knees, hips and shoulders have formed a straight line.  Hold this position for 3 to 5
seconds. Keep the abdominals tight to avoid sagging the lower back. Slowly lower yourself
to the starting position, engaging the core muscles throughout the exercise.  Repeat 10 to 12
times. For an added challenge try this exercise with your baby sitting on your pelvis with their
back resting on your thighs.


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Dr Kathleen Tam is a chiropractor and acupuncturist at Live Free Chiropractic and Wellness
in Putney. She is Webster technique certified, specialised pregnancy acupuncture certified,
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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Explained: Everything You Need to Know

According to recent studies, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction affects 1 in 4 women during their lifetime. But, it seems to be something we hear little about. The symptoms are common, but it seems a little embarrassing to talk about.

So, in this article, I’m going to explain Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - from the causes and symptoms, to exercises you can perform to help eliminate the pain, stress, and embarrassing moments.

We no longer have to suffer in silence!

Let’s start by learning more about pelvic floor health and pelvic floor dysfunction.


What is the pelvic floor?
Simply explained, the pelvic floor is a group of muscles, ligaments and tissues combined, which act as a support to a number of your organs, including the bladder, uterus, vagina and rectum in the lowest part of the pelvis.

This may sound a little hard to stomach (pardon the pun!) but, the pelvic floor basically prevents your organs from falling down or out of the body - it keeps everything working perfectly.


What is pelvic floor dysfunction?
Pelvic floor dysfunction is when the muscles of the pelvic floor become torn or weak.  When the muscle gets damaged, the pelvic organs may drop down and protrude into the vagina. In some severe cases, the organs may protrude all the way to outside the body.


What causes pelvic floor dysfunction?
Most of the causes of pelvic floor dysfunction are unknown, however, all symptoms include weakened muscles or torn muscles. This means the pelvic floor can no longer provide the support that your organs need.  

Childbirth, strenuous exercise and other complications can all contribute to the condition.

What are the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction?
If you are suffering with pelvic floor disorder, you may experience:

  • Chronic pelvic pain that radiates to the groin, abdomen and back
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Strong or frequent urge to urinate
  • Burning during urination
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal burning
  • Painful menstrual periods
  • Difficulty with defecation and constipation


How Exercise can help
Pelvic floor exercises can help to reduce the symptoms, including stress incontinence, however, exercise will not affect prolapse itself.

If the dysfunction is mild, then exercise can help by  strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises target the muscles around the vagina, urethra, and rectum—the muscles used to stop a stream of urine. With these exercises, the muscles are squeezed and held for a couple of seconds, then relaxed for 10. After a while, you can up the squeeze time.  

I’d recommend doing this 5-10 times a day for approx 5 minutes each time. Kegel exercises can be performed sitting, standing, or lying down - so basically anywhere!

If you’d like to talk about the exercises you can do, or if you want to talk more about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, please contact me and we will talk more!


The dreaded C-word.

Happy October ladies! 

I personally love October - the changing of the season, the spookiness of Halloween. It’s a magical month. But, it’s also special for another reason. This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The C-word has been something that remained under wraps for many years. Nobody wanted to talk about it. We went on with our days to just pretend it didn’t exist - and unfortunately, this made us unaware of the situation. But thankfully this is changing - changing a lot!

We speak about it more. We fundraise more and we even see it on our TV. All of these things raising awareness.

Something that still remains, however, is the whole “It won’t happen to me” mentality. I understand this - I was one of them many years ago. But, sadly it did happen to me.

Maybe 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have talked about it. We lived in a different time then when it wasn’t something we mentioned a lot. But, now I feel comfortable in telling you that I am a survivor of breast cancer - in fact, this month is now 3 years cancer-free. It’s a beautiful time! 

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the main aim is to get as many people as possible involved in raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research. So, in this article I’m going to mention things you can do for yourself and others.


Get checked.

Mammograms are a huge resource for detecting cancer in our breasts. Yes, many of us hate the thought of having one. But, these checks can literally be the difference between life and death. Mammograms let the doctor or nurse look for lumps inside your breasts that can't be felt.

The beauty of the NHS is that when you reach 50, you’re offered a mammogram every 2-3 years. This is something you SHOULD take. If you’re younger and feel like you would like one, however, please speak with your local GP. I’m sure they will be happy to help.


Check yourself regularly

Another way to check is with your own two hands. The best way to do this is in the shower or bath. Place your left hand on your hip and reach with your right hand to feel in the left armpit. Repeat on the other side. Check both sides for lumps or thickenings above and below your collarbone. With hands soapy, raise one arm behind your head to spread out the breast tissue.


Raising awareness

Something we can all do is talk about it more. We no longer need to feel embarrassed or out of place when mentioning breast cancer. It happens - so let’s talk.

Speak with family members and friends and ask them if they also self-check. If they say no, encourage them. The amazing part about this is you could actually change somebody's life!


Final thought

Yes, I’ve been in the battle. I’ve also survived the battle - 3 years! So, let’s do everything we can to ensure we have more survivors. Talk talk talk! And don’t forget - check yourself tonight in the bath!


Eliza's Tips on Looking Amazing for Christmas

As we draw a close to Summer and welcome in Autumn, we are faced with the daunting fact, like every year - Christmas is just weeks away!

Just like every year, we make plans - “I’m going to look amazing for the holiday season!” But, before we know it, the tree is up and we are stuffing our face. Yep, let’s all be honest, we start gorging on bad treats way before the big man comes down the chimney.

But, what if things could be different this year? What if you could finally welcome in the Christmas season looking better than you’ve ever looked? Well, in this article I’m going to give you 4 proven tips on how to stay focused on doing just that!


Drink water before every meal

Let’s start with one of the most simple - yet effective - methods and it’s basically drinking water. Studies have shown that, if we sip water regularly throughout the day, we will not only flush out excess water from our body, it will also curb our appetite, meaning we won’t find ourselves with our hands in the biscuit tin as often.


Add some natural diuretics to your diet

What the heck is a natural diuretic I hear you ask? Don’t worry, it’s not as technical as it sounds. It’s simply a number of herbs and fruits you can add to your diet plan, which will help flush your body of toxins and speed up your metabolism at the same time.

You don’t need a lab or anything to source them! They’re easily found in our supermarket. I’d recommend adding things like green tea, watermelon and celery to your food plan. This will help keep the bloat at bay too!


Don’t buy a dress that doesn’t fit!

I’ve heard many ladies do this in the past and I totally understand the reasoning behind it…

“I’ll buy a dress two sizes too small, so then I HAVE to fit into it by Christmas!”

It sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? But it’s not. What if you don’t lose two dress sizes in by Christmas but end up toning up and adding muscle? What if you lose more than two dress sizes?! 

Wait until a week before your target date and THEN go and purchase your dress. Your body will change in ways you didn’t expect, so, you might find a dress you love now, which will look completely different in a few months time.

Don’t worry, we will shop that sexy number nearer the time.


Join my 12-week program

A helping hand is always great for motivation, when it comes to sticking to a long term goal. There are so many temptations along the way! Not only that, if you don’t have the right plan in place, you may go weeks without seeing much change.

So, I’ve created a 12-week transformation plan, which will guarantee you see results before Christmas. It includes both workout and nutritional plan and if you sign up today, you’ll get a special early bird discount - click here to see what it’s all about. What do you have to lose?


3 ways a new mum can get back into fitness!


First of all, if you’re reading this and you have just become a Mummy, congratulations! I’m sure you’re pretty drained at the moment, but don’t worry - it’s going to be an amazing time in your life. How do I know? Because, I’m here to help you and I’ve helped many new mums find that much-needed boost!

When I say boost, I’m talking about getting back into the swing of things. Yes, it was all great eating for two for 9 months, but let’s face it, we all want to get our pre-pregnancy body back!

But, I also understand that this time of your life is one of the most demanding. Late night feeds paired with early morning baby-sounding alarms can overwhelm the body and the mind. So, how do we do it? How do you get motivated after having a baby?


I’ll tell you...


Breaking up your routine in small digestible chunks.  

I’m going to start with the most important in my opinion - which is time. Having a baby is a 24-hour job. Being a new mummy makes gym attending quite tough. Plus, the majority of most gym classes are at least an hour and that doesn’t even include getting changed, taking a shower and everything else! 

The main solution here is to break your routine into sizeable chunks. If you want to work out for an hour a day, then maybe break it into 15 minute slots, while your baby sleeps.

There is also the added bonus of our buggyfit classes, meaning you can workout while your baby snoozes in the pram! 

Don’t priortise your chores over exercising. Your chores can wait until the evening or can be passed onto the other half in your life. It’s important for your well-being to have some time for yourself and fit in exercise, so make this priority.


Seek out a trainer who will help you exercise safely.

Giving birth is quite a demanding task to say the least! It can also take it’s toll on your body. In this case, you may be concerned about what exercises you can do and what you can’t do.

Firstly, if this is the case with you, I’d avoid going to a generic gym class, as it may not be suitable for your body right now. I’d recommend seeking out a trainer, who has expertise in post natal fitness. 

If you wish, you can contact me and we can discuss your needs and any questions you may have in discretion.


Can’t find a babysitter? Bring baby along!

Ok, so if you’ve visited my website or my social media before, you may already be aware of our buggyfit classes. These classes banish the stress of looking for a babysitter and all you to work out with your baby and new mummys alike!

Let’s face it, not all of us have babysitters available and our buggyfit classes are a perfect way to bond with the new person in your life.

In fact, come and join us this week and see how our fun classes can help you get started! 


4 Tips for Keeping Your Child Cool this Summer

This summer, we’ve seen some record highs when it comes to heatwaves! As lovely as the weather is and our bronzed skin, it still comes with precautions - especially for babies. So, how do you keep your baby cool during the summer heatwave? In this article, I’m going to give you 5 proven tips to keep your child cool during hot days.


Hydration is a must!

In the summer heat, we go through fluid-loss, which is why we drink more. Babies and infants are much more sensitive to this than adults. Just losing small amounts of fluids can be severe for youngsters.

There are early warning signs of dehydration - the obvious being feeling thirsty, lightheaded and your child having having concentrated, strong-smelling urine.

The simple solution is to ensure your child drinks plenty of water. If you're breastfeeding you won’t need to give them water as well as breast milk, but you may find your baby is thirstier and wants to breastfeed more than usual.

If your child is already eating solid foods, I’d recommend opting for cooled boiled water throughout the day as well as their usual feeds.   


Nappy-free time!

An added welcome for your child, during the heat, will be nappy-free periods. This will help your child feel much more comfortable and help bare the heat. It will also help to stop rashes flaring up, as nappies make lock sweat into the creases of the legs. 

Remember, it’s about making your child comfortable. A simple moisture matt can suffice while they’re enjoying some nappy-free moments - just in case!


Keep them shaded

Canopies can become god-sends - well, at least some of them. You may find a few which barely give any shade at all! If you’re unfortunate enough to have a stroller canopy, which doesn’t cover enough of your child, you can invest in a canopy extender. These will help keep your child shaded and cool during your outdoor trips!


Make your pram cooler!

A great little trick to make your child’s pram cooler is by adding what I like to call and Ice sandwich. To do this, simply get two bottles of water and freeze them overnight. Then, when you’re ready to head out on your journey, take the two frozen bottles, wrap them with a hand towel and place one on each side of your child in the pram. 

This will be sure to make a much cooler experience for your little one. Just one tip - only fill up the bottles to half way to avoid them bursting in your freezer!


Final Thought

Yes the summer months are hot for us all, but for your child it’s much more tougher. By following the steps I’ve provided, your little one will enjoy summer that little bit more! Please feel free to pop down to my Buggyfit classes in Wandsworth and Tooting and we can talk even more about it!