Master Skiing and Tone Up at The Same Time

Start an amazing new adventure and ensure your body is properly trained & conditioned to endure the slopes, while toning up too!
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Just 7 days for 7 Minutes!

The workshop is nice and simple without taking up too much of your time – and the beauty of it…it’s all online. So, you can do it all within your time in the beauty of your own home!


  1. Arms  – Holding skis – lifting overhead bars – an arm work out to support your wrists and arm strength
  2. Legs -ski knees – exercises recommended by ski instructors physios and snowboarders.Hit those moguls with confidence – or just snowplow?
  3. Core – to floor – body weight strength to help when falling and supporting long hold position eg schussing
  4. Back – lower back pain is always can hinder your holiday – working through back strengthening and avoiding that Tomahawk ( rag dolling fall)
  5. Abs- snowboarder abs like wash board abs – especially on “big dump days” packed snow can put that extra weight on your board/skis when trying to get up.
  6. Cardio- yes you need that – how will you ever keep up? not only that sometimes you have to walk – on those flats! 
  7. Stretch – you never know what muscles will tighten and what face plant position you may end up in – stretch and don’t be stretched down the mountain!


Here's the best bit - you can choose how much YOU want to pay for this workshop. The choice is entirely up to you. Click your choice below to get started!

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