Juggling many different things at once is something all of us Mums are used to. Heck, it would be a weird day if we had too much free time, right?!

But, unfortunately, some days we are just too overrun. This means we have to make sacrifices and one of the them is focusing on ourselves.

Well, ladies, I have a new solution for when you just simply can’t find the time to attend the Buggyfit class – you can now do it at home, too!


What is Buggyfit at Home?

Buggyfit at home is designed for you Mums that can’t get to our classes or don’t have a convenient class nearby, or for you mums who want to do a bit more between your regular Buggyfit class.

It is a 14-week online workout created and delivered by Emma Redding, Founder of Buggyfit, along with Megan Vickers, specialist Women’s health physio and Co-founder of Four Sides London.  Designed for all Mums (and Dads) who wish to work out when and where you choose, ideally in addition to our outdoor Buggyfit class with usual ‘Mum Crew’ and expert Buggyfit trainer.

This progressive programme focuses on stabilisation and building the foundations of a post birth body. Starting with a step by step guide to ‘checking your own abdominal gap’, posture and pelvic floor function, warm up suggestions, stretching guide, working the participant a little harder each week to gain strength, tone and confidence.

You can do each week’s workout as often as you find time for, while baby naps or with baby by your side.  With Emma and Megan instructing and describing each exercise, you can be safe in the knowledge that the whole programme is full of completely safe and nourishing exercises leaving you feeling great.

Take us up on a 50% off launch offer of the full programme for just £74.50 use promotion code LOVE50 – this offer ends in 6 weeks, but once you join the programme stays open to you for 12 months as we realise not everyone works at the same rate.

So, no longer put yourself second. SIGN UP NOW and you can fit your exercise in at home, too!

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