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Holistic Core Restore in London

Get back to being the best version of you with our 6-week or 12-week course, helping you restore your core and restore your confidence – from just £116!

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Pelvic Floor, Core Fitness, Nutrition and Well-Being for EVERY Woman!

This unique, bespoke and ground-break programme truly is a gift that keeps giving and one that every woman should give herself at least once in her lifetime! Enjoy 6 weeks of education regarding your pelvic floor, core, nutrition, fitness and wellness at whatever life phase you’re in.

Customised For You

Eliza tailors workouts to your specific goals and fitness level, ensuring optimal results.

Expert Support

Access to Eliza’s years of expertise ensures safe, effective, and efficient workouts, helping you reach your goals faster.

Motivation Boost

Regular sessions keep you motivated and accountable for your fitness journey.

Restore your core. Restore your confidence!

During the first 6 weeks of the course, you will attend face-to-face group sessions [During lockdown these will be held on Zoom]. Our group sessions are relaxed, informal and light-hearted. You’ll meet and go on a journey with other women similar to you.

Each session is a mixture of discussion, teaching, exercise and relaxation. You’ll float out of each session feeling like you have worked hard but also got that much needed ‘me’ time. We end each session with a meditation, a caffeine free hot drink and a small healthy treat to send you on your way home.

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Holistic Core Restore  •  Eliza Do A lot  • 

Holistic Core Restore  •  Eliza Do A lot  • 

Holistic Core Restore  •  Eliza Do A lot  • 

Holistic Core Restore  •  Eliza Do A lot  • 

Holistic Core Restore  •  Eliza Do A lot  • 

  • A full consultation (includes a ‘tummy gap’ check)
  • 6 weekly exercise and discussion sessions (optional extra 6 weeks online support)
  • Complete Course Booklet
  • Access to online homework
  • FREE Exercise ball
  • FREE Resistance band
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