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Wait a second – April, already?! Wow, this year is absolutely flying by. This weekend, we even moved the clocks forward and that means one thing and one thing only – Summer is here.

It’s the season where we want to look our absolute best, but, is it too late to get started? The answer is no – now is the PERFECT time to get started! So, here are my 5 tips to kickstart your summer body and make April the month of smashing our targets…


Put your goal on paper.

What is your goal? Is it to build more strength? Or maybe it’s to look like Michelle Keegan on the beach! Whatever your goal may be, put it down on paper. If it’s a goal picture, then print it off. Once you have it, stick it somewhere you will see it everyday – I’d recommend the fridge.

This will help to remind you why you’re doing it every day.


Get inspiration on Insta!

Ok, there is a lot of bull on social media – I’ll be the first to agree with you there. But, there is a lot of great content too. Instagram is great for inspiration and motivation. Emily Skye is one of my favourites. She has recently become a mum and posting about her post-baby body transformation every day.


Find a workout buddy.

Working out with somebody is always more fun than doing it alone. It will also help to keep you on track and avoid skipping any workouts. If you can’t find a workout buddy, simply join one of my classes and meet some new friends along the way!


On weekends we wear workout gear!

Trying to fit in a workout during your weekend? Wake up and get changed straight into your workout gear. This way, you will be more motivated to get out there and do your workout. Plus, if you’re trying to burn fat, cardio is super effective in the mornings.

Don’t spend the whole of Sunday putting it off. Seize the day!


Post about your workouts.

Some people like to keep things to themselves, which I totally understand, but posting about your workouts will always bring a positive response from close friends and family. Their comments and praise will help to push you further. It will also keep you on track. There are so many apps out there which track your runs and workout sessions.


Stay Positive.

We all have bad days. But, trying to stay positive is essential for reaching the best version of you. When you feel a blue day, remind yourself of your goal and the feeling you will get when you achieve it. I also recommend some meditation to overcome the bad vibes. Headspace is a great app for this.


Reward yourself!

Hell, don’t feel bad for rewarding yourself. Create small goals and when you reach them – it’s treat time! Buy new summer clothes, bikinis or even a cocktail as a reward. Best excuse ever and it will help to keep you motivated.

If you’re ready to get started on your Summer body, contact me and I’ll be happy to help!

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