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Just when we thought everything was looking bright, we are plunged into lockdown once again!

Lockdown 2.0 as people are calling it. So, what does that mean for my regular classes? And how can you keep healthy in both body and mind? 

In this short article, I’ll give you a rundown of my lockdown classes, everything which has changed and how you can book for my online classes too.

Let’s make this lockdown positive together! 

Boris’ Lockdown Rules mean we have some fun…

  • There are no kids at home during the week
  • You can still go out more than once a day
  • We’ve nailed the zoom workouts so lets do it again but better!
  • Time to do what you wanted to do last time (play the ukulele for me! Clear the clutter! Oh, and try some meditation!)
  • Christmas is on it’s way! Get baking while watching the bake off!!
  • Oh and not forgetting Sunday stretch!

At first, I wasn’t motivated to get going this time – but now I am going to commit –

I have booked my ukulele lesson and I am determined to do the BOUNCE class. 

Join me (it’s not very jumpy at all) every morning to start your day.


Holistic Core Restore

Many ladies have asked if I can put on the Holistic Core Restore course again and yes Thursday evening – Because this is the time to sort it out. Get stronger so we are ready to run , laugh and jump without leaks. Special discount for refreshers – and Buggyfit mums.

This is going to go on zoom live but with recording too. Thursday evening 6 sessions – If you don’t know much about this course look at these before and after pictures –

And more details of the course here



Bootybarre is online – join the classes and Thursday is on Instagram 1.15pm for half an hour free. So make sure you follow me _elizadoalot

There are 4 classes a week. All classes are available on vimeo and youtube as well and you can buy the introductory offer of buy 6 get one free



Buggyfit mums are all welcome to use their classes on zoom for Bootybarre and I am giving a 20% discount for PT sessions (£30 – 45 mins) and HCR £137 now £119 – for November only – Just email me if you are keen and I can let you know available time slots.

Through all this we are desperate to get out and run – so Jenny Burrell has out this amazing fit to Run program together – here are the details of the class – zoom once a week followed by your fit to walk/run program – challenging time sheets – suggested music songs and support every step of the way.

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