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Like any other exercise recommended by the Doctor/GP – 6 weeks but if you have never skied before it would be best to wait – The best way to ask think about it is, would you jump on a horse post natal if you have never ridden ?

Would you commit to dancing on ice?

Jump on a bike if you have never ridden?

Now is not the time to start a new sport (ski ing is in fact meant to be extreme – hence the helmet)

So I would say no not this year BUT if you have skied before and confident go for it.

Get granny to come along or try some all round care like ski Esprit.

What about my tummy gap?


Your GP or physio will have checked this – if you haven’t been checked ask a post natal instructor, woman’s health physio or your GP. They should know the terminology diastasis and your gap should be less than two finger gap. For any serious work outs, sit ups, or  high impact you need to wait until the body has returned.

Ski ing is low impact and more anaerobic than aerobic as there is quite a lot of chair sitting.

If you are 6-10 weeks post natal and have skied before be aware of lifting heavy carva skieds. And swinging your snow board or skis up from lying Down position

How do I manage my skis

This is the big question- and most annoying thing about ski ing is carrying skies. Especially for me with small hands I can’t manage to hold them very well in one hand.

  1. one ski at a time
  2. put together
  3. exhale your breath and engage your pelvic floor muscles – ie lift your skis lift your pelvic floor – tighten your tummy to turn on your core. This will help support your lower back and tummy.
  4. swing over your shoulder or lift with your strong arm under the bindings and pop them down at every opportunity in the queue

I had a c section?

If you have had a c section be aware that your tummy has been cut and you will be weaker than before . Lifting will still be a challenge

If there is someone who can help that would be the best option

I carry my husbands poles and he carries my skis – I carry the kids skis and they take their poles.

My son age 9 will carry his own skis


What about my knees?

Knees are also weaker due to the ligaments being stretched from the relaxin hormone – so support is vital- if you have bad knees already consider a knee brace. I would also think about conditioning exercises – you can follow my Ski7 days to get fit online  or come to Bootybarre all excellent for supporting knees and strengthening your lower back.


Should I go on the drag lift?

Yes and guess what this is a great time to do your kegels (pelvic floor lift)  be wary of yanking drag lifts especially as it is about to go. If you see that it is quite a violent start be prepared – engage your core and exhale (check out Holistic Core Restore for more pelvic floor health and tips) – and away you go !! woo hoo


What about breast feeding ?

Timing is the key and also having the back up if need be. Pump in the morning and reserve in the freezer for Granny – or bottle back up. If you are not bottle feeding at all I would recommend you perfect your communication with the baby carer.



  • 1/ Make sure you feed before you go –
  • 2/ Arrange a meeting place – day 1 bottom of the mountain – or chalet if it is easily accessible.
  • 3/Communicate – texting updates all helps
  • 4/ Don’t be ambitious and go too far – you have to make sure you can get back in less than 20 mins
  • 5/ Lunch is a good time to meet at a restaurant on the mountain if weather is ok
  • 6/ Split your day – dad does morning you do the afternoon –
  • 7/ keep up your fluids – Ski ing is the one sport we tend not to hang out with a bottle of water –
  • 8/ know your limit – remember first and last day to never push ( most injuries occur first and last day of ski ing )


What to wear ?

Ok so your ski suit doesn’t fit – don’t worry try and work around some large sellopats 2nd hand or mens!

Layer up with full zip tops.

Maternity bra plus zip up sports bra if need be. (look at M&S and Asda they do great ones)

Gillets are great body warmers and zip all the way!

Strip to a few layers off and pop your ski jacket back on, to help cover you while you are breast feeding on the mountain.


What about lifting?

So the most important thing is if your partner can carry your ski’s and you their poles that is ideal.

If not clasp ski’s under the bindings and lift just off the ground.

Over the shoulder or across your body infront is best.

Remember to engage your pelvic floor before you lift and draw your tummy tight.


If you are wanting a little more strength and endurance for your holiday check out my Ski7 online programme.

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