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As I demonstrated my timely trade, I glanced down at my Nora Batty white bandaged legs- not a good look. So unflattering! Oops, I slid the draining bag to one side, ‘right now, let’s bend the knees on 1 and 2.
Who would ever imagine, enjoined by dedicated nurses and cleaners, I would be in the corridor at the Royal Marsden Hospital giving a Bootybarre Class after a MASECTOMY!

Well if you know me, Elizadoalot, you will know nothing will stop me from dancing and entertaining fulfilling a lifelong passion I have had since ten years old when I joined a professional ballet school.
My love of music and dance provides me with a great source of enjoyment and satisfaction which I can enjoy sharing when teaching bootybarre and dance. The wonderful feeling of wellbeing will lift your heart and lighten your step.

When diagnosed with cancer, I could not stop crying especially when playing with the children – their innocence seems to sensitise our emotions and make it harder to hide our tears!



I was so relieved after the operation…… – it was out , nothing left except the possibility of some rogue cells. So the next step was chemotherapy. Now that was slightly scary, as I had no idea what to expect. Just those terrible films.

I spoke to a few people who had been through it.
“its like a hangover”
“they give you a sedative to keep you relaxed” did you read the side effects of those?? anxiety?!!
“suck on an ice lolly, the taste is grose in your mouth ”

Initially it was all ok , and it was doable, the worst bits was the ice cap, my hair falling out, lack of eyebrows (especially as the fashion is thick and furry!) and of course taking the time away from work. So I did as many classes as I could that fitted in with my chemo, and I have to say that helped me . Imagine a hangover and then going for run – you feel better after.

Moving and exercise !! The key to health and recovery.

I am happy to say I have had my mammogram this year and I am in the clear.

I have been on tamoxifin an oestorgen suppressant hormone that may prevent the cancer from growing again. Although I am menopausal I am not dying and grateful that the fight and positive attack on this disease has so far a happy story.

“Rising up back on my feet
Took my time took my chances”


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