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It’s now the MUST HAVE fitness clothing for all women – no matter your shape or size. But with popularity becomes a lot of choice. I see new workout leggings brands opening every week. How can you truly choose the right one to shop with? Well, I’ve got together with my girls and we’ve come up with the ultimate 5 things to look for when choosing the right pair of workout leggings.

Let’s go!


Squat proof?

It’s become one of the most popular questions, when choosing leggings – Can you see my knickers in them?!

It’s not so much the squat that matters or pliés, although you obviously don’t want to rip your gusset! But the VPL so often I see it in my classes, especially when the movement is forward bends or even just tying your shoelaces!

Shop for quality – not price. You ultimately want to feel comfortable in your leggings and being able to squat without showing your butt is a must.

I recommend testing out in the mirror with good lighting.


Seek High waist

Thank goodness high waist is back in fashion! Not only jeans but leggings too!

So now your tummy can be held in – feel flat and no more muffin tops!!

When it comes to your workout, you want your leggings to act like a second skin – think catwoman, but less leather!

You want your leggings to provide you with dignity, so, opt for high-waist leggings. These will avoid any knickers being flashed and help to give you an added boost of sculpt.  

Always check the band around the waist is wide- no draw strings or ties. Elastic isn’t going to roll it will stay put.


choosing workout leggingsPockets

Ooh I love a pocket – Side ones in the leggings are all the rage for holding your phone. And little ones for your keys . I’m not a fan of keys in a back pocket but prefer in the front. Comfortable and convenient pockets are great especially when they are sleek and concealed.


Make Sure the Fit Is Good

I’ve tried many different sizes of leggings for my workout gear. The reason being is that not all brands have the same size. It’s like the usual struggle we have ladies, when we shop on the highstreet – every shop is different from the other!

The ultimate goal here is to feel comfortable in your leggings. Workouts are stressful at times and – when you’re getting sweaty – you want to still look good. Choose a size that grabs your body, but also allows you to stretch without them feeling like they’re about to tear.  

A good tip is jog on the spot with high knees. Also, bend over and see if they feel ok. When trying them on, make movements that you make during your workouts.


Added sculpt

Let’s face it ladies, when we are choosing are leggings, we want to look damn hot in them! In fact, workout leggings have now become a fashion trend to wear casually, from shopping to lounging.

The reason for this is that they give you that added sculpt. They squeeze the areas we want to be squeezed and amplify our curves to make us look much more toned.

Finding the perfect pair to make your bum look amazing isn’t as hard as you think. Just simply follow the above tips and you will find the perfect pair.

I personally swear by Lorna Jane leggings. They tick every single box above. The styles, the comfort, the fabric – just what I need! Check out Lorna Jane’s leggings range here and, if you find a pair you like, sign up and get 15% OFF your purchase

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