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If you haven’t got one already, I’m more than sure you’ve heard about the “revolutionary” Fitbit. It’s the device that many celebs and fitness enthusiasts have neatly wrapped around their wrist. The Fitbit took off like crazy, being a wearable device that can help you achieve your fitness goals – whether you’re a newbie or a track athlete.

It can track all different types of stats, including your steps, calories burned and many more exciting features. But really, how good are they? And more importantly…should you get one?

In this article I’m going to go through the pros and cons of using a Fitbit. By the end, you will know truly whether it’s the right product for you.


The Pros


Super easy to use
It’s one of the key selling points for the Fitbit – it’s simplicity. With many of us older adults finding new technology like trying to read ancient Egyptian scriptures, it’s nice to hear that a new device does not require heavy studying to use.

The setup is really straightforward – just following a few steps and then you start tracking your numbers within seconds.


You know that feeling, when you buy some new gym gear and can’t wait to workout in it? Well, the Fitbit has a new feeling like that, too. You have a new gadget and you’ll want to use it straight away!

In the first few weeks, you’ll find yourself obsessing over your achievements through the product. Plus, the wristband vibrates every time you hit a new milestone. Something we all love to see.


You don’t have to log your workouts
The Fitbit is like your new personal assistant, logging all your workouts for you. When your heart rate increases, your Fitbit knows about it. This helps to make life easier and keep on track.


It’s actually quite stylish
A fitness tracker around your wrist. Sounds like it would look hideous, right? Well, Fitbit have tackled that. Their devices actually look minimalistic and stylish. They come in a range of different colours, too.

Plus, they’re trendy right now. So wearing one looks cool.


The cons


The data isn’t always accurate
Sadly, the Fitbit can have a mind of its own at times. I’ve heard many users complain on how the stats are massively different at times. For instance, the heart rate monitor is quite temperamental. During HIIT workouts it can put your heart at 160bpm – which is normal for running etc. But, during the same exercise a few days later it can put your heart rate at 80bpm. Totally off.

It seems the Fitbit has a tough time working out your heart rate fast.


Do we really need to obsess with numbers?
Obsessing about our body numbers can become unhealthy. I mean, have you ever found yourself constantly weighing yourself on the scales every day? It’s not fun is it? Because your body changes every day.

This is the same story when it comes to your daily steps and other stats too. You could be doing an amazing job on your new fitness regime, focusing on weight training or even swimming, but the Fitbit decides to tell you that you haven’t hit your daily steps today. It instantly puts a negative point on your day. Something that can become disheartening and add to being more obsessive about numbers.


It’s a tracker, not a personal trainer
I’ve heard many people falling into the delusion that – because you now have a Fitbit you will become super fit and healthy. But, all a Fitbit actually does it track your stats. Yes, ok it gives you little boosts here and there, when you’ve hit an achievement. But, the important parts – like what muscle group you should train on certain days and nutrition plans aren’t included.

Don’t fall into the trap that a Fitbit is your new personal trainer. It’s not.


It can get tedious
Like I mentioned earlier, everybody loves a new gadget. But, we’ve had many new gadgets over the past and they simply become forgotten about over time.

I’ve noticed many people – who previously wore Fitbits – now fashioning a bare wrist.  

We simply get bored of things. The craze of tracking every stat can become tedious and before you know it, the Fitbit sits snug in our bedroom drawer.


It’s not all about cardio
Cardio plays a vital role in fitness of course, but it’s not the only thing we require. Adding weights and resistance training to your workouts will add the sexy factor for sure. Plus, remember that diet is everything. It plays the biggest role in reaching your goals. So, even though the Fitbit is good at tracking distance covered and heart rate, it won’t play much of a role during your resistance training or with your diet plan.


When it comes to fitness, I love a new gadget and I’m all for people using the Fitbit devices. But, please don’t think that the Fitbit will transform your life. Its main role is to simply track what you do. It won’t transform your body or become this major breakthrough tool, you’ve been craving for years.

To truly hit your goals, it all comes from within you. Your mindset. That’s the only fit bit you need.

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