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Ok, let’s face it – none of us expected to hear the words “LOCKDOWN WEEK 8” did we? 

What began as a toilet roll hoarding panic has now become something that seems everlasting. Obviously the main goal here is to stay at home and protect lives – and as much as we are doing that…it can also bring in some bad habits along the way. 

The main reason we are seeing these bad habits surface is that we sadly don’t have any end goal. There is no light at the tunnel as to when this will all subside. Where we can appear with a new colour in our hair, a tan, a newly painted shed, or a fabulous fit body!! I am thinking it’s going to be more like – grey hair, rings under my eyes and an enlarged liver!


The main habits consist of: 

  • Shopping online – wow the offers going on at the moment, don’t they!
  • Netflixing late at night. Ban the device from your bedroom especially on a Sunday night!
  • Constant snacking. 
  • Losing all motivation and thinking “I’ll do it tomorrow instead” 


Now we have to find the motivation to move us forward. 

  • Let go and except that you cannot control what is going on at the moment
  • Keep your routine going. Don’t stop what you love and need
  • Create new recipes and make snack stations (chopped up veg and fruit)
  • Learn something new, a new recipe, instrument or hobby. I am trying the ukulele 
  • Relax and reflect – silence is golden so think for a moment of a quiet time 


Need some extra help with curbing these habits? Contact me and we can discuss extra ways you can get back in shape – both mentally and psychically!

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