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Many of us find that after the holidays, our bodies are shaped a little differently than they might have been before all of the delicious holiday food. While it is easy to excuse when we are actively eating those treats and ringing in the new year, January has a tendency to begin by showing us exactly what our lack of self-control has left us with.

The post-Christmas bloat is something that has plagued many a person for hundreds of years, but that doesn’t mean that we need to end up stuck with it. That is why we brought together this list of a few key ways to leave the bloat behind!


Stop Eating Like It’s The Holidays

The most important change to make when it comes to getting rid of the Christmas bloat is to stop the holiday eating. Most of us find that we are compelled to eat a lot more around the holidays than we normally would. While it can be difficult to say no to delicious food, January means that it is time to stop binge eating and return to normal portions. This can help you to stop the bloat from worsening and will naturally begin to help it recede.


Leave The Fizzy Drinks Behind

A lot of people enjoy extra soda and delicious bubbly around the holidays. While this can be a fun treat, drinks that are loaded with carbonation are filling your stomach with gas. This can result in your looking and feeling like your stomach has been inflated because it actually has. When the holidays end, do yourself a favour and limit just how many carbonated beverages you find yourself drinking.


Get Back to Clean Eating

The holidays have a tendency to bring us access to plenty of delicious sugary treats that are often loaded down with fat. Many people find that their holiday diet is absolutely nothing like their regular one, which is why getting back to your regular diet is just so important. Instead of continuing with the pies, candies, sugary drinks, and extra holiday alcohol, enter January committed to eating better and being better.


Cut Back on the Salt

Salt is responsible for helping your body to retain water. This water retention is what makes us look and feel unforgivably bloated. If you want to cut down on your bloat, leave the extra salt out of your diet for a while until your body returns to normal. There is a time and a place for salty foods, but you can’t live on them unless you want a round belly literally all the time.



Everyone loves the holidays and the cheer that they can bring. It is basically the time of year when we all completely throw our diets out the window and commit to chasing our bliss instead. Though it can be nice to do this now and again, it is important to remember that doing it all the time isn’t great for your body. Combining these choices with a brand-new New Year’s resolution workout routine is just what you need!

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