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Let’s be honest for a second…

How many times have you holiday prepped – where you tell yourself it’s going to be a healthy holiday, you will avoid too much junk food and you will welcome every morning with a run. 

But, then on the actual trip, salads turn into a burger and fries, your lemon water becomes a sex-on-the-beach and that ice cream bar has been calling your name already! 

It’s tough. But, with a few added extras, in your suitcase, you can make the holiday enjoyable and less damaging on the body…


Let’s talk steps

First thing I want to add to your luggage isn’t only beneficial, it doesn’t take up on bit of room in your suitcase either – win-win! 

Since indulging in naughty foods is pretty much inevitable on your holiday, I recommend burning more calories than usual. The best way to do this is by adding walks to your day, whether it’s along the beach or down to the local shop. The extra steps will play a vital role in keeping the fat at bay. 

Download a free step counter app to your phone, so you can track your progress. Remember – 10,000 is your daily goal! 


Get New Trainers

We all like to shop a little when planning for our holiday. But, something that is often overlooked are your trainers. Hitting those 10k steps everyday is a must – and a great way to motivate yourself is with a new pair for your holiday. 

This way, you will have new comfort and look awesome! 


Laundry Bag

Usually the holiday temperature is much more than it is on the average day in England. This means a couple of things, but one of them is you’re going to sweat much more than usual – especially with light exercise. 

I say light exercise because that’s what it will be. Once again, let’s keep it realistic. It’s not like you’re going to spend your holiday nights at a foreign spinning class! 

Still, with this being said, you want your workout gear to be separate from your other clothing. This will keep your day and night clothes fresh.

Best way to do this is with a travel laundry bag. It will contain the odor from your workout clothes and prevent the workout smell from reaching that little black number you’re going to wear on that “special night”. 



Probably already at the top of your list, right? Well that’s good! Activities in the pool keep you in shape, so pack your swimsuits and pack them high! I want you in that pool more than sitting on the lounger. Don’t worry, you’ll still get super tanned and you’ll get more toned too. It’s a win-win. 


Resistance Bands

To truly tone up our muscles we need some resistance. This is usually found within curling dumbbells and kettlebells. Hey, before you get worried, I’m not expecting you to pack a dumbbell in your suitcase! I’m thinking something light, versatile and awesome for resistance training – a resistance band! 

These are great for light morning workouts and will help to keep your tummy and butt in check. The bonus part – they’re cheap as chips, too. I found this one for less than £2! Click here

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