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So you’ve hit the P shaped wall, eh? 

The workouts have become mundane and you just aren’t seeing the same results as you once were. First of all, don’t worry, it happens to everybody at some point. But, it’s how you deal with plateau, which really matters. 

How do you get back motivated and seeing results? 

Let me tell you – don’t worry, you’ve got this! 


What is plateau?

Plateau is one of the most dreaded words in fitness. Why? Because it basically means your progress has come to a holt. There seems to be no more progress. 

The worst part about hitting a plateau is that isn’t really one particular reason for it – it could be for many reasons. This can make things confusing – is it because you have overtrained, eating badly, or maybe your workout has just become all too predictable.  

So, how do you beat plateau? Let me tell you…


Take a week-long break

Yes, you read that right – I’m advising you to take a break. The reason I say this is because your muscles need rest. You simply won’t tone up or grow muscle without resting. 

This is the same with all aspects of fitness. If you’re a keen runner, give your body a rest. If you’ve been on a hard diet for 3 weeks, go grab a slice of pizza. A cheat meal is needed to shock your body.

This break and food shock helps to stop your body from getting bored of the same routine. 


Look at other aspects

What I mean by “other aspects” is everything that you do when you’re not in the gym or working out. You can work out 5 times a week, but, if you’re teaming this up with heavy weekends and junk food 5 times a week, then you are simply not going to see the results you want. 

Firstly, alcohol is considered an ergogenic substance, meaning it impairs performance and makes plateau more likely. So, if you’re out on the town every friday and saturday night, then maybe try to cut them out. Hey, I’m not saying every week – just maybe drop the saturday boozing and just have one night out instead. 

All in proportion! 


Add a new workout routine

One of the most common reasons plateau occurs is that you’ve been doing the same routine every week for too long. A great method to beat plateau is by mixing things up! 

Finding a workout routine to match your goals can be tough, but, I recommend checking out the Athlete 12 course. It’s a 12-week online course, allowing you to truly mix up your workout routine, but also allowing you to do it in your own time. 

There is no need to change up your day-to-day life routine. You can fit these workouts in around you. 


Finally, monitor your progress

Monitoring your progress is a must. This way, you will stay on track as well as see each and every piece of progress. 

If you spot any inconsistencies, tackle them. Without monitoring, you won’t be able to notice these. 

Don’t worry though – plateau happens to all of us. With these tips, you’ll get through that wall and stick up the middle finger as you leave it behind!


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